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Are you overwhelmed by a child regularly waking during the night, struggling to fall asleep at bedtime or having inconsistent naps?

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Hi! I’m Jill, founder of Five Star Sleepers and I’m here to support you with your child’s sleep. The packages I provide have the flexibility to suit all parenting styles and I offer personalised sleep plans with support & ongoing advice. Consultations can be virtual or in the comfort of your own home, so we can work together wherever you are.

You’ve trusted in your instincts and reached out for support and as a result you will gain confidence and clarity over your child’s sleep. You will become well rested and actually enjoy your child’s bedtime rather than dreading it and, trust me, once this happens the benefits will be amazing!

"These two weeks have given us our lives back."

Parents of Xander, 16 months old.


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Get the support you to become a well-rested family.

Get the support you need to become a well-rested family.


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