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 I have been exactly where you are today. A busy mum and adoring parent; completely and relentlessly consumed with finding a way to help my child to sleep better. I have 17 years of experience supporting parents in all kinds of childcare environments, from pre-school to private nannying. But when I finally found consistent and effective sleep guidance for my children, and an end to the overwhelming exhaustion of our sleep struggles, I knew that I needed to work with parents like you. 

I set up Five Star Sleepers to provide clarity and reassurance in a cluttered environment of advice and opinion. You can improve your child’s sleep. And you will take back control of your time and be the parent you want to be.

From Overwhelmed to Well-Rested

From the moment my daughter was born, our sleep suffered. A traumatic birth, reflux and colic left our family overwhelmed and overtired with no way of catching up on months of broken sleep. We searched for answers and an end to the trial and error of trying to settle and keep our daughter in her own bed. But it seemed that everyone was saying the same thing. A cacophony of well-meaning advice, a lack of support and the hope that things would improve on their own led to us accept bad habits and inconsistency as our normal. 

Six years later, when our second child was three, a minefield of sleep issues had built up. One night, when I returned my son to bed over 100 times, I hit breaking point. This just wasn’t sustainable. I reached out for support and discovered a world-renowned sleep consultancy that offered one-to-one sessions with highly trained sleep experts. It took us years to ask for help and within just a couple of weeks, we finally had a consistent bedtime routine. 

It was hard work but having the knowledge and skills to put into practice gave us focus, and the continued support of a trusted expert was invaluable. Our evenings were transformed, my husband and I were getting to know each other again as people in our own right rather than as overtired and frustrated parents.


After the elation of experiencing such amazing results so quickly, a desire was born in me to help other families in this way. My own struggles give me complete empathy with my clients. I understand the reason some families wait until the last desperate moment to seek help and I know that you never want to leave your child to cry alone. This heartfelt insight on top of many years of working in childcare helps me to be the sleep-consultant I want to be. Relatable, dependable and an invaluable support for families.

And Expertise

I am a certified sleep consultant who has completed a comprehensive training and mentoring program with one of the best sleep training companies in the world. And I’m still learning today. Every family is unique, and I discover something new every time I work with a new client. I am passionate about helping mums get the results they long for. 

Take a look at my Essential Sleep Plans and let me help you become a well-rested family. 

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