Happy Clients

Happy Clients


What my clients have to say

With my ongoing support and the effectiveness of a gentle and responsive approach I have been able help many parents with their families sleep with lasting results. Happy babies. Happy parents.

"Jill worked with us to support us to improve our 3.5yr old son, Joshua's sleep. Joshua is our 5th child and has never been a naturally good sleeper, until 2yrs old slept up to 3hrs a night most nights. When we came to Jill for help, he was sleeping for longer periods but became distraught at bedtime and woke frequently, often sleeping in our bed rather than his own and needing milk 3 or 4 times a night. We were listened to, our opinions were respected and we felt empowered to put Jill's advice into practice ourselves. Jill offered several phone calls and text message to support us as we don't live nearby and was always available to listen and offer advice as needed. Since working together, Joshua is much happier getting ready to go to bed, he no longer asks for milk to settle him and he is a much happier and active boy in the day time, which is having a hugely positive impact within our family. We even managed to leave him with a babysitter recently and he settled to bed without any issues!"
Mum to Joshua
"Ava had an 11 hour stretch of sleep last night! I'm amazed!"
Mum to Ava
“Five Star Sleepers has changed our lives! After 16 months of lack of sleep due to our little one waking up between 3 and 20 times a night, we were all nearing breaking point. Thanks to Five Star Sleepers and only 2 weeks later we now have a consistent nap of 1-3 hours and a night of 9-10h with a maximum of 1 waking (even through teething).

Due to Xander’s food allergies and the pain he experienced in his early months, we have been advised to keep breastfeeding which he became reliant upon to get to sleep. We tried a variety of techniques which all proved unsuccessful as he was just getting extremely upset and distressed and refused to go to sleep without mum and breastfeeding.

Although we had little faith in anyone being able to help, we were out of options and decided to give Five Star Sleeper a go (the best thing we have ever done). The process started with a brief interview to gain background information followed by a questionnaire. After a few days, we received a bespoke sleeping plan that incorporated Xander’s needs around breastfeeding and food allergies. Although the first night was difficult, with the professional advice and plan, Xander started to accept any new change with growing ease (a miracle in itself!).

After just over a week he was going to sleep by himself, having a regular nap time and reducing the amount of time he would wake up at night. Five Star Sleepers was very understanding and flexible. Due to illnesses, we had to postpone the start of the process by 3 weeks until everyone was ready which was not an issue. Follow up phone calls helped tailor the plan to Xander’s reactions and daily guidance via shared notes in the sleeping log provided has helped us adapt to an early wake up, late night, etc.

These 2 weeks have given us our lives back and Xander is a lot happier baby from sleeping through the night and getting the sleep he so desperately needed to develop into a happy and outgoing toddler. We cannot thank you enough for your help and would definitely recommend getting in touch if you feel like you’re out of options as this has changed our lives. THANK YOU AGAIN!!”
Ailisha & Brice
Parents to Xander

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