When Can I Night Wean?

I get asked this question a lot, and I have two answers for you. First of all, the clinical one. If your child’s six months or older, gaining weight as expected, and your doctor says you’re okay to end night … Read More

Sleep Training & Daycare

One of the biggest obstacles my clients face is what do when they send their little ones to daycare. Whether they’ve already got their baby on a carefully planned nap schedule or they’re planning on starting one, a problem obviously … Read More

When Will My Baby Sleep Through the Night?

This is a difficult question to answer without getting into some specific details, which is unfortunate, because when parents ask me this, I know they’re looking for a quick, concise, time-based answer. “Three nights from now,” or “Six months old,” … Read More

Four Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

I’ve heard many parents tell me, “I just don’t think he’s ready for sleep training yet.” or, “I know it’s a bad habit, but it’s working for the time being. I’ll wean him off of it soon.”

What About Mum?

Sleep training your little one is a demanding endeavour. I’ve never had a client who said it wasn’t worth it, mind you, but nevertheless, it’s a lot of work, and it requires a lot of discipline. But once they get … Read More

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Is Sleep As Important As Diet?

I’m sure you can guess what my answer is to this question, since I am, as you know a Baby & Child Sleep Consultant. I tend to put a high priority on sleep and I am passionate about its benefits … Read More

Why Does My Baby Wake Up at 3:00am?

Why Does My Baby Wake Up at 3:00am? That right there might be the single most common question new parents ask and the answer may surprise you! Is it a developmental milestone? A regression? Are they getting too much sleep … Read More

Can I Bed Share & Sleep Train?

No. You can’t. Sorry to be so concise, but that’s the straightforward answer. We can get into details as we move along, but for those of you who just wanted a “yes-or-no,” I thought I’d give it to you without … Read More